WSJT-X for Dummies & Experts

An Amateur Radio Program for Decoding Weak Signals


WSJT-X is a digital software program for amateur radio operators. If you already have the equipment to run PSK or RTTY, then you have all you need.  

This site attempts to simplify its setup and use on the amateur bands. It is designed to complement, not to take the place of the program's documentation. The program's documentation is a must read if you want to be sucessful in using WSJT-X.  

You can find the official WSJT-X documentation: HERE.

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What You Need

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By Gerrit Sonka

Other than a radio and antenna, you will need at least two programs.  The first is WSJT-X of course, as well as time synchronization software.

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What You'll Get

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Photograph by Orren Jack Turner, Princeton, N.J.

Chances are you won't get as smart as that guy.  But you might meet another Nobel Laureate on the air.

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A Note on Frequencies & Modes Used on 6 meters

Curently 50.276 is used for JT65, however the other 'flavors' of WSJT-X necessitate spreading out on the band.  50.260 is the MSK144 calling frequency.  50.313 is the frequency used for FT8.  Where should you use JT9?  Good question, read about the proposed frequencies for North America.  If the area you live in is using different frequencies, please let me know.

Proposed Region 2 Band Plan by VE1SKY

Questions on the use of WSJT-X should be asked on the Yahoo WSJTGROUP list.

Recommened sites which also discuss WSJT-X are: PingJockey and ON4KST.

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